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I have been working with fertility since 1999 and had my own experience with acupuncture and IVF.  When a woman has a desire for a child that cannot be met in a natural way we are blessed to have many alternative strategies and therapies available today.  Infertility is defined as one year of trying to conceive a child without success.  When this is the case, testing should be done to rule out any medical reasons for the inability to conceive.  This is done by medical doctors and gives valuable information to western and eastern practitioners alike to set on a course of treatment that will reach the goal of a healthy baby in the surest way.  

It is never too early for the balancing and stress relief of acupuncture to be started in the IVF process.  I recommend starting 1 month before the transfer which is roughly day 1 of the menstrual cycle. There are also treatment protocols for the day before transfer and the day of which I commonly help with.  After a transfer appointment women commonly come for the following 2 weeks for appointments to "raise the qi" when we use acupuncture that raises the qi and holds things in.  After that, the next appointments are hopefully for morning sickness!

The emotional support in the treatments during this time are beneficial to my patients.  Often you are keeping things private for the first few weeks and it is helpful to have someone to share your information with.

Acupuncture has been studied and shown to increase effectiveness of IVF treatments when used together.  

Acupuncture treatment helps reduce anxiety and stress, regulates the menstrual cycle, increases blood flow to the uterus for implantation and also help balance the endocrine system.

​I have worked with protocols from all the hospitals and fertility centers in this area.

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